Steve Nielsen


Steve is a certified math and science teacher with a minor in Spanish. He currently has the teaching assignments of algebra, geology, physics, and Spanish One, Two, and Three. He is also a fluent Spanish speaker, which helps him tremendously during his teaching! Steve is also a practicing geologist and participates in private geological consulting as a part-time venture. He is currently in his 24th year of teaching, 15 of which have been at Sorenson's Ranch School. He enjoys relating to his students with as many hands-on activities as possible.

Steve also enjoys all sports. Softball and football are his passions in sports, and he enjoys coaching and guiding kids to become better people and athletes. Steve lives in Monroe, Utah. He has always enjoyed the rural setting near mountains, where he finds peace in quiet surroundings. He enjoys walking, running, and bike riding, as he is somewhat of an exercise nut. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with his wife, Sylvia, and five children Brad, Bryan, Brady, Aimee, and Tasha.

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