Dear staff of S.R.S.

Hi! I just wanted to send a card and let you all know that I'm doing well. The lessons I learned at SRS help me through a lot of situations I come up against. I really actually miss my days at SRS thank you so much for helping me to be a strong moral person today!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

C. L. SRS 2004-2005

Dear Joy,

As you know, Josh has now been home with the rest of the family for three weeks. We both wanted to thank you for the incredible work that you did with him. Josh had been seeing professional therapists since the age of three, with absolutely no success. It had only resulted in his being hyper-medicated, with the only change being the dulling of his anger.

You took an intense interest in diagnosing and treating Josh, and were able to establish a profound trust in him. No other therapist had ever been able to do that. You were extremely flexible in your approach to Josh and his treatment, using the discipline as well as the farm atmosphere at Sorenson’s to help Josh reach his inner feelings. From having Josh raise a yearling colt, a rabbit, to EMDR and psychotherapy, you covered the gamut. Josh sensed and knew that you could be trusted, and were there only to help him. He responded dramatically.

He is virtually off all medication, has become an active outdoorsman, and is a wonderful son to have home. He is kind and supportive of his younger sister, and fills the role of a big brother to her. He keeps his room neat and clean, does his household chores, and is a pleasure to live with. But most of all, he at peace with himself. He is calm, truly enjoys life and our family. He is in touch with his inner feelings, and is not afraid of them.

You have given Josh a new life! He is keenly aware of what you have done, and says he will always remember you for it. And so will we. You have always gone the extra yard for Josh, and it worked.

Dr. Levy and the guys in Evergreen Psychotherapy Center think that you are a miracle worker. They were flabbergasted. And they were right. Thank you again. We will always think of you whenever Josh succeeds in life.

Best, G.V.

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Dear Layne,

It has been 2 years since I brought you my daughter. That was the toughest day of my life. (As I sit here writing you this letter it still brings tears to my eyes.) She has been home for over 1 ½ years now. My how time flies.

I did not write earlier because I was afraid that if I put into words how well she was doing at home that something would go wrong. I am not saying that she was perfect when she first got home, because that would not be the truth. The truth is that when she first got home I feared that Sorenson’s had not done her any good. She rebelled again. Got lost again.

But then the things that you taught her kicked in. She became respectful, considerate, and loving again. She realized that all the bad things that were happening in her life were because of her choices and not because of anyone else. I finally got my daughter back. We now can sit and talk about her time at Sorenson’s without her being angry at me or anyone else. She knows that I only did it for her.

She completed a nine-month course at a hair school. She has taken a full-time position at a local barbershop. She now has a future. Which I am sure that without Sorenson’s it would not have been possible. I am proud to say that she has turned the corner from her old life.

I just wanted to say thank you. T.S.

Dear Sharon,

It’s been awhile since we’ve corresponded…I hope you’re well and just thought I’d send a note of thanks to you for everything you did for our family with Joey. He’s doing well…in the beginning a few little stumbles, but we just love being with him now…he’s growing into such a great young man…doing very well in school (this is a first!) and is still a pretty typical teenager, but there’s a light that we haven’t seen in him since he was very young. I’ve attached a picture of him from a trip he just took to Colorado to visit his aunt with his dad just this past weekend.

Last year at this time was very lonely for me and for Jon…Joey was with you (at Sorenson’s Ranch) and we were trying to adjust to his being in someone else’s care…It was so hard…and uncertain as to the outcome. Today I am relieved and loving every bit of being a mom. Jon and I are both so thankful for your love and care of him. You’d be proud. If ever your staff starts to feel like things look hopeless – please remember that what you do is important and has offered one child (I know many, but in our case OUR child) a much brighter future. It’s just one more reason to keep doing God’s work…to help those you can…and every child has that possibility of just “getting it” – even though they might not let their guard down enough to tell you so, is worth every painstaking minute.

Wishing you and your family and your staff much love and happiness.

With gratitude from the bottom of my heart, V.K.

Dear Mindy and friends at Sorenson’s Ranch,

Jen has been home for three months now and we are celebrating her success through the initial three-month period at home without any sign of relapse. Jen is off all prescription medicine. While we are fully aware, as is Jen, that we must be diligent in our efforts to remain drug free, we feel the people at Sorenson’s Ranch have helped tremendously by developing Jen’s love for animals. Jen has gone on to have a horse of her own and is looking at a second one, and has a job training three other horses currently. Jen is so excited to get up each day and work with the horses. She is a registered member of the American Arabian Association, and Des Arabian Association. We are in awe of the changes she is making daily.

We owe you all a debt of gratitude for not giving up on Jen when the going got tough. There are so many people to thank. Mindy, thank you for stepping in and helping us out after Emily left. I know Jen was no easy child, but you always stuck up for Jen when the chips were down. Thanks for your words of encouragement to us as well. Phyllis, thank you for coaching us through those first tumultuous weeks, without your strength and encouragement I do not think we could have been so strong. Sharon, thank you for your untiring tower of strength balanced with full measures of kindness. You truly have a gift with youth. It seems so natural for you to be able to read and interpret and then resolve so many of Jen’s problems. You are such a wonderful role model for these kids, especially young women. Sharon, thank you also for always listening to us and for all of your wise counsel.

Shane and Jill, we are grateful for the privilege of enrolling Jen even though you really didn’t have room for her at the time, thank you! Thank you all for fielding my never-ending phone calls! Jamie, thank you for giving Jen the gift of horses, both for learning to ride and for caring for the horses. Through those experiences, Jen learned to believe in herself once again. Marlene, what a jewel! Thank you for being mom to Jen during those long trips to Huntsman in Salt Lake and the many other trips. Ross and Steve, thank you for your encouragement and support with regards to Jen’s educational aspects while attending school at Sorenson’s Ranch. You fostered her confidence by recognizing Jen when she excelled.

Thank you to you all, R.L.

Dear Mr. Sorenson,

I am writing to express our family’s sincere gratitude to you and your staff for the changes that have taken place in our son John during the time he spent with you. John came to SRS angry, defiant, out of faith in himself and hope for the future and as a consequence unable to gain a foothold on the slippery climb to adulthood. We watch now as he takes a breath before answering, thinks before acting, seriously weighs the pros and cons of what to do with the rest of his life. He isn’t perfect. Who is? But he’s now standing on a solid foundation of values and self-confidence instilled at your school.

When I picked John up, I told Tevita, his case manager, “When John came here, his future was dim and small. Now, thanks to you, it’s bright and big.” We would like to use this opportunity to say the same to all the rest of the staff. You have a tough job and I’m sure there are days when you are weary. Please know that the work you do is appreciated and admired by us and that you really are making the world a better place.

Sincerely, A.H.

Dear Shane,

I’m grateful we found the name of your school, and decided to send our son there. What a beautiful ranch, and it’s truly a beautiful state. Nice place to clean up your act and get yourself together. I see a lot of change in my son since he’s been there. I’m looking so forward to his coming home. I also wanted to mention how wonderful his case manager has been. He’s a very special person. He’s been great with Leon and also with us. He’s made a big difference for Leon. His effort and caring ways are above what he could possibly earn. He’s priceless. We’ve grown very fond of him. He has made this tremendous experience a positive one for us.

God bless him and Sorenson’s Ranch.

Thank you, L.B.

Dear Jill,

Words cannot possibly express my gratitude for what you have done for me. When I first got here I was a lying, cheating, dishonest, stealing addict. Since then I have tried to change my ways. In my opinion I truly believe that I have changed both my outlook on life and my attitude.

When I was at home, my number one goal was getting high, and doing what I wanted; however, since then I have gotten to Level Five and held it longer than anyone else I’ve ever seen (almost 20 weeks now), and graduated high school (which I never would have done at home), and last but not least, I’m going into the Job Corps. I now have my goal set – to be a certified mechanic.

During the past fifteen months, I have made a lot of changes. I went from spending most of my time in workouts and timeout to Level Five. When I first got here, I couldn’t wait to leave, but now it’s like a second home, and I’m somewhat sad about having to go.

In my time here I’ve made good friends. I will look back on the time that I’ve spent here not with contempt, anger, or sadness, but with joy and thankfulness for the environment you’ve created and the tools with which I changed myself.

Thank you so very much.

Sincerely, M.N.

Dear Layne,

Just wanted to let you and your staff know how much Ron and I have appreciated your help over the years with Rhye, Paula and Hayden. Most recently with Hayden we would like to acknowledge SeSe and Sam. The entire staff should be acknowledged, but we singled out these two because of our own personal time with them. We continue to recommend Sorenson's School to anyone who could benefit from your services. You sure were a lifeline for us, so please continue with your good work. As an update on Hayden, he is doing very well. He has started driver's ed. and has enrolled in Houston Community College and has been filing job applications. Daily we see progress and signs of maturity. So again thank you to Sorenson's and your staff.

With much appreciation,

Bonnie and Ron

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