Clinical Therapy

With more than 30 years of experience, Sorenson’s Ranch School has developed an effective and dynamic therapeutic program catering to a variety of emotional and behavioral needs. Many students come to the program having already participated in therapy with a psychotherapy clinician(s) at home. These students are very familiar with the process, and some are resistant to receiving more counseling once they arrive. We believe that therapy occurs both inside and outside of the office. Some of the most powerful interventions take place on the working ranch, an experience unmatched in the home environment. Sorenson’s Ranch tailors therapy to individual students, families of students, and many groups on campus.

Sorenson’s Ranch School practices a team approach to treatment. We employ professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise. Dedicated and hard-working clinicians oversee and manage the care of each student, providing individual therapy sessions a minimum of once per week. Our therapists use a variety of different approaches and techniques including, but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic, EMDR, DBT, Family Systems, etc. In addition to working with a therapist, each student is also assigned to work with an individual case manager who provides daily one-on-one contact with the student and weekly contact with the parents.

The family is included throughout each adolescent’s treatment to insure the most effective, long-lasting outcome. Together, the student and parents collaborate with the therapist and case manager to create an individual treatment plan, complete with measurable goals and objectives. These goals are an integral focus of each individual, family, and group therapy session, providing the student with the most comprehensive treatment.

Group therapy may include substance abuse treatment, grief counseling, adoption issues, life skills, anger management, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), positive peer group, and victims of sexual abuse group. An Addiction Recovery Support group also runs once per week on campus. Students with addiction problems are encouraged, but not forced, to attend these meetings. Periodically, we invite qualified guest speakers to address the students in the Addiction Recovery Support Group meetings.

At Sorenson’s Ranch School, we continue to monitor and evaluate our program and the therapeutic process to ensure the most effective and current treatment is provided so that the student is a successful individual, a fully functioning family member, and a contributor to society.

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